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Fort Worth Investor-Friendly Realtor

Invest in cash flow-positive real estate in Fort Worth with our assistance, regardless of your level of experience.

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What asset types can we help you purchase in Fort Worth

As a professional investment realtor in Fort Worth, we lend our expertise to assist with the acquisition of single-family, duplex, triplex, and quadplex investment properties.

Invest in Single Family Rentals in Fort Worth

In this context, “Single-Family Residences” refers to more than just single-family homes. Leverage our expertise as an investor-friendly realtor in Fort Worth to find cash-flowing townhouses and condominiums.

Fort Worth Multi-Family Investment Properties

We are the investor-friendly estate agent to consult when expanding your portfolio or seeking opportunities for house-hacking. For such endeavors, it is optimal to target 2-4 units as the ideal number.

Single Family Home + ADU Investing in Fort Worth

Househackers and short-term rental operators are constantly seeking single-family homes with guest house properties. Allow our expert, investor-friendly real estate agents in Fort Worth to track down this type of property, so you can reap the substantial returns they offer.

Note: We *are* currently servicing 5+ unit deals. Awesome!

What markets in Fort Worth do we offer realtor services?

There is no part of Fort Worth your investor-friendly estate agent doesn’t service. We can find lucrative assets in the Downtown, Cultural and Camp Bowie districts. We can even service the high-end Clearfork and Panther Island locations. Where there is opportunity, we can help.

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Deals we are liking in Fort Worth or nearby

*Note* most of these example are 2+ weeks old and likely no longer available. If you would like the most up to date opportunities join our Daily Deal List.

Mid Term Rental

2021 Quadplex Near Methodist Hospital Off I-35

6427 Luglio Ln, San Antonio


22.60% IRR

Gross revenue


Short Term Rental

Quadplex in a Prime Location with a Low Purchase Price

8607 Putnam Dr, Austin


38.19% IRR

Gross revenue


Mid Term Rental

Value-Add Off Market MTR in Georgetown

409 Debora Dr, Georgetown


17.35% IRR

Gross revenue


Long Term Rental

Northside 1% Rule Fourplex in Houston

2131 Cromwell St, Houston


22.53% IRR

Gross revenue


Mid Term Rental

2006 Built Duplex Close to Medical District and Univ of Houston

4629 Phlox St, Houston


23.32% IRR

Gross revenue


Long Term Rental

Pair of Off-Market 1% Rule Quadplexes

13713 Duncum St, Houston


22.56% IRR

Gross revenue


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We also invest in Fort Worth

My name is Victor, and I am an investor-friendly realtor in Fort Worth. However, I am not only a realtor but also an investor in the city with a proven track record of success. Through my personal journey, I have gained extensive knowledge of the intricacies of this lucrative market. I am committed to sharing this specialist knowledge with my clients who are looking to expand their portfolio into one of the country’s most profitable markets. There is a significant opportunity here, and you can seize it with the right approach – just as I did.

Positive Cashflow in Appreciating Markets

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Laying the groundwork with your investment estate agent in Fort Worth

The process begins with an introductory call with your investor-friendly realtor.
During this meeting, you will share your criteria with us, enabling us to review suitable target asset types and identify locations and management strategies that would align with your goals.

The process begins in Fort Worth

Once we agree to proceed, your investment real estate agent will assist you in contacting suitable lenders. List, Texted Organic Deal Solutions, and our automated MLS search.
Additionally, you will be added to our 'active client' list, which entails receiving curated deals via email from three different channels. These channels are the Daily Deal

Zero In on Potential Targets with your Fort Worth Investment Realtor

As you bring properties of interest to our attention, we will schedule in-person or virtual tours for you.
Additionally, we will curate appreciation and cashflow proformas to help you visualize the potential returns on the assets in question. The extensive expertise of an investor-friendly estate agent can be of significant assistance throughout this process.

Submit offers with your investment estate agent for Fort Worth

Once your target properties are identified, your Fort Worth investor-friendly estate agent will negotiate and submit offers based on your criteria.
Our experience and expertise at this stage can enable you to get the best price, maximizing your profit margins.

Prepare target properties for your ownership in Fort Worth

Once contracts are signed for the target properties, your Fort Worth investor-friendly real estate agent will arrange inspections.
If any treatments or repairs are needed, we will negotiate them and ensure a prompt and cost-effective resolution. This will ensure the needs of your lender are satisfied.

Closing with your investment realtor in Fort Worth

With us, you have an investor-friendly estate agent by your side through the entire process, from start to closing and beyond.
We will order an appraisal as you receive approval for your financing. A final walkthrough will be conducted to verify that all repairs have been carried out. A closing date will be arranged, and on that day, contracts will be signed. You, or your property management company, will receive the keys, prorated rents, and security deposits.

Real estate performance stats in Fort Worth

For any investor, the issue of the expected returns on a rental property is one that can’t be overlooked. Always ensure you’re well informed of what to expect before buying any rental property in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The table below provides an overview of what to expect from the Fort Worth real estate investment market for various rental properties. Use it to get a general idea of how much to invest and what to expect in terms of annual returns.

Avg Purchase Price Avg Cap Rate Avg Cash on Cash Return Avg Cash Needed to close
Commercial 5+ units LTR 115k - 135k per door 4.5% - 7.5% 3%-6% (assumes 25% down payment) $35,000 per door
Short Term Rental (SFH) 275k - 350k 6% - 8% 8% - 11% $75,950 (furnished)
STR (2-4 Units) 130k - 175k per door 8% - 9% 9% - 12% $44,750 per door (furnished)
Long Term Rental (2-4 Units) 125k - 165k per door 3% - 5% 2% - 5% $40,150 per door
Long Term Rental (SFH) 250k - 325k 2% - 4% 2% - 4% $62,500
Househack (2-4 Units) 130k - 175k per door n/a n/a $10,920 per door
Househack (SFH) 275k - 350k n/a n/a $16,325

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Steve and Amber's Journey

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Meet our team of investment friendly realtors in Fort Worth

It is our robust team of experienced professionals that makes us a trustworthy investment real estate agent in Fort Worth. Within our team, we have a wealth of experience in both real estate and property investment in Fort Worth. Our diverse skillset enables us to meet a wide range of needs. The founding principle of our work ethic is that individual commitment to a collective effort is the key to success. Therefore, you will have access to our entire team, each qualified and dedicated to delivering success for our clients.

Victor Steffen

Investor’s Agent

John Steffen

Investor’s Agent

Erin Collins

Investor’s Agent

Cory Amantine

Investor’s Agent

Sandra Buckingham

Closing Coordinator

Mike Brawner

Real Estate Analyst

Dylan Pham

Real Estate Assistant

Frequently asked questions

What should I look for in a realtor when investing in property in Fort Worth

If you are not familiar with the local property market in Fort Worth, it is important to understand that it can be complex. Therefore, you need an experienced investment realtor in Fort Worth who possesses strong knowledge of the market. It is advisable to seek agents with firsthand investing experience and also consider other valuable qualities. These qualities include effective analytical skills, knowledge of micro-markets, access to off-market properties, and a strong network of other professionals.

How long will it take for my investor-friendly realtor to close on a property in Fort Worth?

We are constantly analyzing new properties for investment, as it is a crucial aspect of our work as Fort Worth investment estate agents. As soon as you are confirmed as an active client, you will receive a continuous stream of new properties through our email system, allowing you to promptly evaluate them. In terms of acquisitions, our team strives to cover as much of the process as possible, ensuring fast and efficient closings.

Do you work with clients looking for 5+ unit buildings, commercial or retail investors in Fort Worth?

At present, we do not offer our services as investment real estate agents for properties in Fort Worth with 5+ units. However, when it comes to properties consisting of 1-4 units, you won’t find a better partner. Our analysis has shown that clients experience the greatest success with house-hacking or portfolio expansion when focusing on multi-family properties of 2-4 units.

Can you refer me to an investor friendly lender in Fort Worth?

We are a full-service team of investment real estate agents in Fort Worth, dedicated to serving property investors in the state. Our own extensive experience in property investment contributes to the effectiveness of our services. One of our strengths lies in our exceptional network of professionals and connections to the best investor-friendly lenders. This enables us to assist you in finding the right lender to finance your property acquisition.

What are current interest rates for investor loans in Fort Worth?

As of mid-2023, primary mortgages in Fort Worth are currently carrying interest rates ranging from 6.5% to 7.11%. However, it’s important to note that interest rates are subject to change. Investor loans typically have slightly higher interest rates, usually around 0.5% to 0.75% higher than primary mortgages. This serves as a rough guide – for precise figures and up-to-date information, please reach out to your investment realtor in Fort Worth.

What is your opinion on the market in Fort Worth? Should I invest?

Operating as an investor-friendly realtor in Fort Worth, I am confident that this region offers tremendous opportunities for investors. In fact, I have personally built a successful portfolio of Fort Worth homes, and the results have been consistently impressive. My extensive knowledge of local markets, combined with finely-honed analytical skills, makes me a valuable asset for investing in Fort Worth real estate. With my assistance, you will come to realize that this area is one of the most promising prospects for property investors in the USA.

I’m out of state, can you still help me?

No problem! We are well-equipped to handle the entire process remotely as experienced Fort Worth investment real estate agents. When you wish to view a property, we can arrange remote viewings, allowing you to get a firsthand look at your potential investment. There is no requirement for you to physically come to Fort Worth to enter the real estate market here. However, please note that you are always welcome to visit our offices at any time.

Can you refer me to a contractor, attorney, property manager etc, in Fort Worth?

We have a strong network of professionals whom we can confidently refer our clients to. Whatever services you may require for your property acquisition, we can recommend skilled individuals or teams to assist you. This is a crucial quality to consider when evaluating investor-friendly realtors in Fort Worth.

Do you work with first-time investors in Fort Worth?

Yes, we are here to assist you in tapping into this lucrative property market, regardless of your experience level in real estate investment. As experienced investors ourselves, we recognize the significance of having strong mentors and a supportive network when embarking on your investment journey. Utilize our expertise as investor-friendly real estate agents in Fort Worth to gain valuable insights, resources, and skills that will contribute to a transformative investment journey.

Positive Cashflow in Appreciating Markets

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