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The Best Financing Solution For Every Investor

JVM Lending’s advisors are experts when it comes to every type of investor financing:
  • House-Hacking
  • DSCR – Using Rental Income Only to Qualify
  • Hard Money
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • Jumbo
No investor is too big or too small, as JVM helps investors of every stripe.

How I've Experienced Investment Success With JVM Lending:

Fully Underwritten Pre-Approvals
JVM provides fully underwritten pre-approvals that make your offers much stronger and eliminate all potential roadblocks down the road – making the entire financing process smooth sailing.
Investment Property Experts
JVM’s mortgage advisors are highly trained experts when it comes to every aspect of investment property financing. Whether you’re house-hacking, employing specialized financing that eliminates the need to verify employment income, or just looking for low-rate and low-cost financing, JVM’s advisors will always identify the best financing option for you!
Fast AND Easy
Whether you are looking for lightning-fast response times, weekend availability, or a very fast close in order to get your offer accepted over the competition, JVM can accommodate all of your needs and make the entire process seem simple and easy.

Getting Started

Fill out your loan application
Your loan application gives us the basic information we need upon to begin your pre-approval.
Start your application
Upload your documents
In your loan application you’ll upload:
  • Recent pay stubs
  • Current banking records
  • Two years of tax documents
  • Current government ID
We analyze your info
We analyze everything you submitted in your loan application along with any documents you uploaded - ultimately detirmining how much you can afford.
You’re pre-approved!
Your loan application gives us the basic information we need upon to begin your pre-approval.

Why should you get pre-approved?

Get Fully Pre-Underwritten
Fully underwritten pre-approvals make your offers much stronger and more likely to be accepted, and they eliminate potential issues down the road - that could cost you your earnest money deposit.
Improve your chances for success
Sellers heavily favor offers that come with a strong pre-approval letter from a reputable lender – making it far more likely that your offer will be the winning offer.
Focus your home search
Pre-approvals help you focus your home search to neighborhoods within your qualification and comfort range. Avoid wasting time by looking at properties in the wrong price range.
It's an absolute necessity
Most sellers will not even entertain offers that are not accompanied with a pre-approval letter. A strong pre-approval letter indicates your seriousness, and that you’re ready and able to close quickly and on time.