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Photo of Victor Steffen an investor friendly real estate agent

Victor Steffen

Investor’s Agent
What do you do when you spend your entire life working seven days per week with extreme discipline and dedication to be an NFL-caliber defensive end, only to suffer a career-ending knee injury in college shortly before the NFL draft? You devote that same discipline and dedication to your other passion - real estate investing! This is Victor Steffen in a nutshell, and it is the reason why he is one of the most successful real estate agents in the entire Austin region. Whether it is single-family, multifamily, acreage, ranch, or commercial properties, you can rest assured that Victor knows the market better than anyone. And - he will employ that knowledge to best represent you. Victor works with investors of every stripe from fund managers representing hundreds of millions of dollars to individuals looking to “house hack” with minimal up front investments. If you are looking to make real estate part of your investment portfolio, Victor is the professional you need in your corner.