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Fix And Flip Loans In Texas

One popular approach to retail investment is to ‘fix and flip’. This means purchasing a property that needs work or has potential for development, then doing the work and selling for a profit. A Texas fix and flip loan can be helpful for this – learn about them in this post.

old white house with a garden ready for fix and flip

Fix And Flip Loans: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Fix and flip loans are a tailor-made solution for Texas real estate investors to buy property, fix it up and sell for a profit. The loans are designed to be short-term for this specific purpose, so you have to fit the criteria in order to obtain one.

Purpose Of Fix And Flip Loans

The purpose of fix and flip loans is to enable real estate investors to gain the funds to purchase and renovate a property. They are short-term finance products that are paid off once the property is sold. If everything goes to plan, you will reap some profit from the arrangement as well.

How Loan Flipping Works

The basic mechanism of loan flipping is quite simple. You get a loan from a lender that is enough to cover the cost of both buying and renovating a property. You carry out the work using those funds, then you sell the property. Once the sale is complete, you repay the loan and keep any profit you made.

Interior of a home being renovated for fix and flip loans in Texas

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Differences Between Fix And Flip Loans And Traditional Loans

Fix and flip loans are short-term financial arrangements whereby lenders provide capital for you to buy, repair and sell a property. Once the sale is complete, you pay off the capital plus interest and hopefully make a profit. The money can also fund the work you do on the property. Traditional loans are just for purchasing a home and are designed to be paid back over an extended period of time.

Texas Fix And Flip House Investment Lenders

It’s important to explore your options when looking for fix and flip lenders in Texas. Not all lenders offer this type of loan. What’s more, among those that do, there are different options with different rates and criteria. Do your due diligence and compare lenders before committing to one.

Banks Vs. Alternative Lenders

Generally speaking, traditional lenders like banks do not provide fix and flip loans. Private lending from alternative lenders is the usual avenue to get this type of loan. If you already have the funds to carry out the renovation yourself, you may be able to get a loan from a bank to cover the purchase. This can make things simple as banks are very easy to find and compare, and down payments are sometimes smaller. However, there are some things to consider:

  • A traditional mortgage is designed to be a long-term product, so there will be fees if you try to repay it early
  • The loans offered by banks may not include the optimal terms and conditions for this plan

If you go down the alternative route, you are more likely to find Texas fix and flip loans that are tailor-made for your plans. They will be experienced at working with investors and have a stronger understanding of the risk vs reward of fix and flip projects. The only downsides are as follows:

  • You may find fewer lenders that accommodate this lending
  • The interest rates are usually high because of the short-term nature of the arrangement, and you may need a larger down payment

Top Fix And Flip Lenders In Texas

There are as many as 50 fix and flip lenders in Texas. The most common loan amount they offer is between $300,000 and $350,000, with rates averaging around 11.2%. Loan terms are often 24-30 months.

Top lenders include:

  • JVM Lending – JVM’s mortgage advisors are highly trained experts when it comes to every aspect of investment property financing. See how we’ve experienced success with JVM
  • CR Lending – requires no application, tax returns, credit checks and more
  • Global Capital Partners Fund – more than 3 decades in the industry with nationwide coverage
  • Stratton Equities – known for being fast and flexible in working with real estate investors
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What Are The Eligibility Requirements For Fix And Flip Loans In Texas?

To be eligible for fix and flip loans in Texas, you will need to meet the credit score requirements. You will also need to demonstrate evidence of the property and planned works, complete with costs. Most lenders will want to see that you have experience doing this kind of work, and that you have been successful in the past.

Credit Score Requirements

The exact credit score requirements may vary from one lender to the next. Ideally, you should have a FICO score of no less than 620. This will maximize your chances of success and give you the widest range of lenders to choose from. It will also enable you to access the best rates and LTV ratios for your investment.

If your credit score is lower than that, there are things you can do to improve it. Here are some suggestions from Equifax:

  • Review your credit reports from the main consumer reporting agencies to ensure they are accurate
  • Make payments on time and pay off debts in full where possible to boost your payment history
  • Avoid utilizing too much credit
  • Limit applications for new accounts because the resulting hard enquiries will impact your score

Experience And Track Record

A fix and flip loan in Texas and elsewhere is generally viewed as a high-risk loan. As such, lenders will scrutinize your background as well as your financial records. They will look for evidence of your experience in real estate and a track record for success in fix and flip projects. You will need to demonstrate these things to inspire confidence in your abilities.

It can be helpful to prepare a resume that details qualifications, skills and experience. You should also compile a portfolio that contains records and evidence of past projects. Make sure your process is clear, and that there is real evidence of finances relating to:

  • Purchasing
  • Renovations
  • Sale

This is the type of information that will help lenders understand your background and assess your viability for a loan.

Person performing financial calculations at a desk for fix and flip loans Texas

What Are The Essential Factors To Consider When Applying For Fix And Flip Loans?

When considering fix and flip loans, in Texas, you must analyze the terms of the loan very carefully. You need to know every fee and details of interest rates and repayment terms. You must also ensure you have thoroughly costed the investment, including the cost of your proposed renovations and the estimated property value afterwards. And you must have a solid exit strategy in place to show how you will turn a profit and repay the loan.

Loan Terms And Conditions

The details and the fine print of the loan must be analyzed thoroughly to ensure you understand everything. The most important things are:

  • Fees
  • Interest rates
  • Repayment terms

You need to find products that offer favorable terms on all these fronts for your circumstances. Give this step all the time it needs to ensure you make the right choice.

Property Assessment And Valuation

To get the right amount from a loan and prove you are a good candidate for it, you must do all the planning for the renovation. This means having an assessment of the property carried out to determine the works required. Any proposed renovations should come with an estimate of cost and what they will add to the overall value.

Lenders will want to see an accurate prediction of the after-repair value (ARV) as proof that you can repay the loan and keep up with interest payments. As such, you will need to spend time carrying out this step.

Exit Strategy

The exit strategy refers to what you will do to be able to repay the loan. For fix and flip loans in Texas, this typically amounts to selling the property for a profit and paying off the capital. But it can also mean refinancing or having an alternative vehicle for repayment.

When developing your exit strategy, you need to be fully aware of the gravity of what you are doing. You will need to keep up with interest payments as well as paying off the capital when the term ends. Lenders will want to see evidence of a solid plan and you need to be very confident that your exit strategy will succeed.

Tips For A Successful Fix And Flip Investment In Texas

Fix and flip investments in Texas can yield great returns if you get them right. So it’s important to pay close attention to the process. You must find the right property, budget effectively for the work and apply the right marketing and selling strategies to make your profit promptly and repay the loan.

Finding The Right Property

A lot of work goes into finding the right property. It helps to have an understanding of local markets and communities in different neighborhoods. There also needs to be a thorough and reliable assessment of the condition of the property in question.

An investor-friendly real estate agent can be invaluable at this point. With expertise and local knowledge/connections, their insights could make or break your project.

Budgeting And Cost Management

Fix and flip loans are often broken down into stages of the project. This depends on your plan, but it will allocate funds for different steps and expenses. This way, you stay on top of the project budget and ensure the funds don’t run out.

As the renovations are underway, it is important to monitor and control everything. Costs must not run over budget and it is your responsibility to keep ahead of this. Cost management and budgeting are important factors for a fix and flip investment in Texas.

Marketing And Selling Strategies

As part of your exit strategy, you must not overlook the importance of marketing and sales. If you are working with a good investor-friendly real estate agent, they will offer assistance on this front. But it helps to have plans in place, particularly if you are going it alone.

There are various things you can do to market the property, such as:

  • Advertise on real estate websites and share on social media
  • Include things like high-quality photographs of the property and floor plans
  • Look for local opportunities to advertise
  • Host an open house event

Marketing and sales are the final piece of the puzzle. Once renovations are complete, you want to fetch the target price, and marketing will help.

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Frequently asked questions

Do Banks Give Fix And Flip Loans In Texas?

Most banks don’t give fix and flip loans in Texas. You will probably need to look to more niche lenders for what you need, or try a different type of loan to finance your investment.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For Fix And Flip Loans In Texas?

The main components of eligibility are a good credit score and the ability to demonstrate a background in real estate investment. You need to prove to lenders that you are a good prospect for this type of loan. You will also need to meet the affordability requirements.

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