$95k in Price Drops! Quadruplex in South Austin by St David’s Hospital with Great Mid-Term Rental Potential

9508 Kempler Dr, Austin
25.27% IRR
Mid Term Rental
$95k in price drops! Quadruplex in South Austin by St David's hospital with great mid-term rental potential. All 2 bed units with 3 units recently renovated. Currently occupied with leases ending in 2-6 months. : Quadruplex built in 1984 with 2 bed, 2 bath units. Currently leased for $4795/mo total with leases expiring 6/1/23, 8/1/23, and 9/30/23 (x2). All new AC's, 1 newer water heater, 2 units renovated last year and 1 unit renovated in 2021.

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$95k in Price Drops! Quadruplex in South Austin by St David’s Hospital with Great Mid-Term Rental Potential

Listed 04/21/2023

9508 Kempler Dr, Austin

Purchase Price:$800,000

Cash Outlay:$256,000


Cap Rate:8.01%


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