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Investment property for sale in Plano, TX

Check our updated investment properties for sale in Plano, TX. The real estate deals have been wisely curated by our team for you to achieve a cashflow-positive property investment. Added, investment tips and performance data in Plano, TX.

Investment property for sale in Plano

My Crucial Tip To Purchase Investment Properties In Plano, TX.

Generally speaking, if you are seeking an investment property for sale in Dallas, looking north of the I-30 is the simplest approach. Plano’s location in the northern bracket of the Dallas metro fits it nicely within this, though it is not a hard and fast rule. Plano is a sizeable city in Collin County with many neighborhoods to explore, mostly categorized by a friendly, suburban feel with low crime rates and a growing tech sector. We would define Plano as one of the areas in Dallas that is on a rapid rise, so it offers many prospects for investment properties for sale. Infrastructure development is high and the list of employment opportunities is constantly increasing. Population growth has been steady and we expect this to continue, so the trend of appreciation looks unlikely to slow down. Explore this dynamic city to find an array of investment properties for sale and work with us to narrow them down to those that meet your investment criteria.

Plano Investment performance and average price

Avg Purchase Price Avg Cap Rate Avg Cash on Cash Return Avg Cash Needed to close
Commercial 5+ units LTR na na na na
Short Term Rental (SFH) 375k - 550k 5% - 8% 8% - 9% $105,000 (furnished)
STR (2-4 Units) na na na na
Long Term Rental (2-4 Units) na na na na
Long Term Rental (SFH) 325k - 400k 4% - 6% 4% - 6% $82,500
Househack (2-4 Units) n/a n/a n/a n/a
Househack (SFH) 275k - 350k n/a n/a n/a

Frequently asked questions

I’m ready to invest, what should be my next step?

Let’s go! We’re excited to work with you. If you haven’t already, please reach out directly and we’ll set up an intro call. During your call we will review your criteria and set up your searches as well as answer any granular questions you might have. You should also reach out to a lender and get started on the loan approval process so we can hit the ground running and start submitting offers. We have several preferred lenders we can introduce you to. Once you have a pre approval, submitting an offer is as easy as texting us the address you want to bid on as well as offer price and we’ll take it from there. We can’t wait to work with you!

Do you personally invest in real estate?

Everybody on our team is an active real estate investor. Victor and his wife purchase several investment properties per year and have no plans to slow down their acquisitions. They have purchased locally as well as out of state, single family, multi family, commercial residential, short term rentals, long term rentals, mid term “travel nurse” rentals and Rent By The Room houses. Anybody you interact with on our team is walking the walk and personally executing on the strategies we’re presenting.

How many clients do you work with?

We cap our Active Investor List at 30 individuals. We found this to be the number of clients we can comfortably service while still maintaining a high touch experience. You will not be just another name on an email list while working with us. You will have Victor and his team opening your file each day to see if we have anything meeting your criteria. Note- since we are a high touch operation we do not chase clients. If a client fails to maintain an active dialogue or if we send several curated deals with no response in return we will be quick to remove that client from our active list so we can dedicate energy and attention to our engaged investors.<

Do you work with clients looking for 5+ unit buildings, commercial or retail investors?

YES! You will notice purchase cap rates for larger commercial grade assets INCREASE alongside interest rates. Between 2019 to June 2022 we did very few commercial multi family transactions. As interest rates have risen we’ve noticed more and more opportunity to break into the 5+ unit space at favorable cap rates and have been picking up some excellent inventory.

Can I still find cashflow in Austin, DFW or San Antonio?

Yes, but each market will require a slightly different strategy in order to see positive cashflow. For example- cashflow from a single family home rented out to a long term tenant in Austin is almost impossible given the current rent-to-price ratios, but, cashflow is very possible if you’re willing to use more esoteric management strategies such as Rent By The Room or Short Term Rentals. Conversely- we can pretty easily find a recently built single family home in a good area that will cashflow positive in San Antonio. We can discuss what mix of asset type, location and management strategy will be the best fit for your goals.

I’m out of state- can you still help me?

YES. The majority of our investors are actually not local to the market they are buying in. We’ve set up systems to service your demographic such as video walkthroughs, mobile notary signing services, all electronic docs, property management contacts and a rolodex of service providers to help make your OOS deal a success. You’ll never need to leave your couch.

How many people are on your team? Will I work with you directly?

There are 6 full time team members as well as a small army of contractors that support us with showings, video walk throughs and key pickup/ dropoff. 3 full time investor agents, an analyst, closing coordinator and assistant. You will work directly with Victor especially during the first phase of the buying process as we define your strategy and work to get your deal under contract. Once under contract our closing coordinator will handle most of your backend paperwork

Positive Cashflow in Appreciating Markets

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