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Multi Family Rental in Barkey Spgs

2725 Barkey Spgs, San Antonio, TX 78245
Long Term Rental
We have recently purchased an investment property in Austin. We closed at the end of April 2021. Our (my wife and I) plan weren't planning to invest in Austin. We live in San Francisco and saw what a tech boom can do to your area, with that being said, we thought it was out of our budget. I had posted a question in the forums and had mentioned Austin TX. Victor actively reached out to us - we had a great conversation and to our ignorance, Austin TX was still within our price range. Victor was very responsive, had great knowledge of the city and we felt extremely comfortable working with him. After our purchase, my wife and her sister decided purchased another one, we then told one of our close friends about what we did, and they ended up purchasing one from Victor too. This is within the last few months (May - July 2021). All of us, me, my wife, my sister in law, and close friends all had a great experience with Victor. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions or just want to know more about my experience with Victor. He comes highly recommended.

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Multi Family Rental in Barkey Spgs

Listed 10/19/2022

2725 Barkey Spgs, San Antonio, TX 78245

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