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TWDB requesting feedback on nature-based solutions to mitigate flooding

AUSTIN – As part of the effort to address flood issues across the state, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) is conducting an online survey​ now through Sept. 29 to collect input on the use of nature-based solutions to mitigate flood risk. Responses will be used to help develop a guidance manual for communities seeking to implement these projects.

Nature-based solutions are broad, ranging from detention and retention ponds to preservation of natural features, such as floodplains and wetlands, or may even include roadside ditches with nature-based components. Sometimes, projects designed to improve water quality or intended to provide other environmental benefits can also work to mitigate flooding.

“The work that we’re doing is from a lens of flood mitigation. But really, there are likely greater benefits for water quality, environmental enhancement, and even for public recreation and enjoyment,” said Saul Nuccitelli, the TWDB’s Director of Flood Science and Community Assistance. “We’re looking to try to integrate and connect those project benefits and encourage folks who are doing flood work to seek out ways to incorporate nature-based components into their projects.”​