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Texas Water Development Board made a splash in 2023

​​AUSTIN – The Texas Water Development Board was busy last year​, continuing its efforts to ensure the state’s ​​water resources are sufficient to support a growing population. Here’s a brief recap of what they accomplished.

Launched the Beta version of the Texas Water Data Hub

In February, the Beta version of the Texas Water Data Hub was released to the public. The Hub is designed to be an intuitive system for water data producers and users to index, document, search, and access water data that spans entities, geographies, and disciplines. The TWDB anticipates releasing the full version of the Hub this year.

Approved the first-ever regional flood plans

The TWDB approved the first-ever regional flood plans in July, marking a historic milestone in the state’s efforts to reduce the risk and impact of flooding. The 15 regional flood plans recommended more than 200 flood mitigation projects with an estimated cost of approximately $38 billion. These plans will lay the foundation for Texas’ first state flood plan, which is due to the legislature in September 2024.​

Committed $86 million in funding from the Economically Distressed Areas Program for eight projects

The Economically Distressed Areas Program (EDAP) provides financial assistance for infrastructure projects in economically disadvantaged areas to address inadequate residential water or wastewater service. For the first time since 2018, the TWDB committed EDAP funding totaling $86 million for eight projects across the state. To date, the TWDB has committed more than $900 million in grants and loans through the program.

Committed over $1.5 billion in funding from the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas

The State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT) program was established by the Texas Legislature and voters in 2013 to fund projects in the state water plan. In 2023, the TWDB committed more than $1.5 billion in SWIFT funding for projects statewide, including water treatment plant expansions, a reclaimed water project, a water pipeline project, and more.

TexMesonet network expanded to 100 TWDB stations and more than 3,000 partner stations

The data provided by the TWDB’s TexMesonet supports improved weather models and forecasts and contributes to improved public safety, agricultural productivity, and scientific research. Additional stations strengthen the network and improve data coverage and access across the state.