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How far is it to the nearest H-E-B?

Charles Gilliland


In second quarter 2020, deals for Texas rural land began to dry up. Broker telephones quit ringing. However, the third quarter brought a dramatic change. The pace picked up even more in the fourth quarter.

The buyers’ stampede to Texas rural land was underway.

Preliminary reports for first quarter 2021 show the Texas rural land market is getting even hotter. There are regions currently reporting activity up 70 to 80 percent from last year.

The reasons are many: the pandemic, urban unrest, and investors flocking to hard assets, such as land.

The transition from city to country requires adjustment, both by the newcomers and the current residents. City dwellers moving to the country bring new demands for infrastructure. When people move to unfamiliar environs, pressure and friction often result.

One rural land broker said the question he hears most often from city buyers is, “How far is it to the nearest H-E-B?” The market is attracting a new breed of buyer, one accustomed to city conveniences.

Problem is, they are looking for amenities that just aren’t there — yet. ​

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