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ERCOT branching out to power up?

DALLAS – With Winter Storm Uri still in recent memory, the capacity of the state’s power grid is likely on many people’s minds. Help may be on the way, according to the Dallas Morning News. 

The paper reported this week that state regulators have been working for more than a decade to link Texas’ energy grid to that of the southeastern U.S. states. 

Regulators are working with Pattern Energy, a private co​mpany, to create the “Southern Spirit Transmission.” The goal is to install a 400-mile transmission line from the Texas/Louisiana border through Louisiana and into Mississippi to connect with grids in the southeastern United States.

Power could flow into or out of Texas, depending on the need.

Federal regulators would have no jurisdiction over the project, and the electricity flow would be direct current, not the usual alternating current.

Consumers would not pay for this $2.6 billion project, according to the Dallas Morning News.

A projected schedule shows construction could start in 2026 and end by 2029. Right-of-way work is being done now.​