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Austin debating what to do with leftover $12.6M assigned to infrastructure in the Seaholm District

AUSTIN – More than $12 million in new mobility projects for Austin’s Seaholm District are now lined up to improve connectivity in and around downtown.

The city council voted last month to shut down an unused tax increment zone and use the $12.6 million remaining in its fund on several different mobility upgrades instead of one major change.

That outreach resulted in a shortlist of new projects around the area that also lines up with stated goals of civic mobility plans. In priority order, the recommended projects that may now be funded with the leftover money include:

creating an underpass for the Shoal Creek Trail beneath the Third Street bike and pedestrian bridge, replacing the existing connection over the bridge;expanding the Third St. bridge and designing a potential public plaza near the Third Street Trestle Bridge;improving safety, navigation, and landscaping features around the intersection at Third St. and West Ave.;creating an accessible pathway on the south side of W. Cesar Chavez St. and between B.R. Reynolds Dr. and San Antonio St.; andadding signage to highlight lakeshore trail crossings at Cesar Chavez’s intersections with Walter Seaholm Dr. and West Ave.​